Types Of Car Insurance

By | January 4, 2017

You have bought your dream car and the next thing you hunt for is a car insurance policy. You can’t even think about driving on the busy Indian roads without an insurance policy. Also, motor insurance is mandatory by law in India. This implies that insurance is a must for you to drive on the roads.
There may always be unforeseen situations, such as accidents, theft, acts of terrorism and natural calamities that come uninvited. You will then have to pay for your medical expenses and of another person who was injured because of you. You may also have to pay for getting your car back in shape or buy a new car, and for damages caused to the car of your victim. So, an insurance cover is what you need to save yourself from such risks and the subsequent financial liabilities, which are normally very high and difficult for most people to pay from their own pocket.

What You Must Do
The car insurance premium will depend mainly on the make and price of the car, how new or old it is, the area where the car is registered, the age and driving experience of the owner and so on. In India, there are a number of insurers operating in the area of general insurance and a majority of them provide car insurance too.
You can compare the policy rates and coverages provided by various insurers before deciding on any one. You can go online and do this from the facility of your home. Insurance policy aggregator sites let you purchase online car insurance easily as they provide you details of various companies at one go. You also save on premiums as there is no commission to be paid to agents.
Types of Car Insurance
In India, there are mainly three types of car insurance plans available that can help you in dire situations. These plans will indemnify you in case of any road mishap, treatment of the third parties involved, getting your car repaired as well as that of the third party; anyone except you and the insurance company is a third party. These plans are:
�Third party only plan
This kind of plan provides insurance cover for liabilities faced by you in case your car hits another person and causes:
oInjury to the person
oDeath of the person
oDamage to the vehicle of the person
oPersonal accident cover for you if you were driving

�Third party and theft plan
This kind of plan provides insurance cover for:
oThird party liabilities
oCases of theft

�Comprehensive insurance plan
This kind of plan provides insurance cover against many eventualities including third party liabilities. They are:
oThird party liabilities to people and car
oDamage to your car owing to fire, theft, natural disasters etc.
oDamage to accessories owing to fire, theft, natural disasters etc.
oTowing expenses after a disaster
oLoss of your car owing to fire, theft etc.
Minimum insurance cover that you, the car owner, needs to purchase is third party insurance. Without this, you will not be allowed to take the car out on the roads. You must have an insurance cover so that you can at least pay for the damage you may cause to other people or their car. Also, you must know that insurance companies have no liability towards you in case of hit and run.